Best Apps For Book Summaries

best apps for book summaries

The best apps for book summaries help you keep up with new topics and ideas. These apps remove the fluff and focus on the important points from books and make it easy to digest. They also offer gamification elements such as streaks and challenges to keep you engaged and learning. These features help make book summaries fun and addictive.

Your Shortcut to Wisdom: Exploring the Best Book Summary Apps in 2024

Blinkist is a well-known app that provides summaries for 2,500+ non-fiction books in text and audio formats. It has a huge library of titles and includes popular topics like leadership, entrepreneurship, business, finance, health and wellness and many others. It also has a free trial and a subscription plan.

12Min is another book summary app that offers short snippets of non-fiction books in both written and audio format. It has a wide variety of books and is available on most platforms. It is a more affordable option than Blinkist but the quality of its summaries are not as good as the ones offered by Blinkist.

GetAbstract is a similar book summary app that offers text and audio format summaries of 2,500+ non-fiction books. It also has an extensive library of reports, articles and videos. It also comes with a subscription plan and has gamification elements such as challenges, progress tracking and streaks to encourage users to keep reading.

QuickRead is a more basic app that also offers book summaries but in a shorter format. It is available on most platforms and has a nice user interface. The app has a large collection of books and is available for free.

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