Buying PBNs Or Guest Posts – Is It Right For You?

buy pbn links

Are you looking for a way to buy PBN links? In general, people who want to get ranked high on Google have to do a couple of things: either they buy lots of PBN links for their own websites and blogs, or they learn how to build up their own blogs and websites with backlinks from good PBN sources. You see, back links are the most important factor in the Google algorithms and this is the reason why search engines like Google and Yahoo give a lot of importance to websites with backlinks. So if you are looking to buy PBN links, you will have to know how to build up your own websites with them. But before we proceed further, I would like to tell you that buying PBN links are not the best thing to do because there are a lot of fake sites out there that are selling fake links. It would be better if you could find some quality PBN websites that offer real links.


If you are looking for a good way to buy PBN links, then you should use anchor text based link building. This is the method where you use keywords in your anchor text and then include a link back to your website from the anchor text itself. When Google indexes your site, it will use your keyword as the keyword anchor text in the anchor text of each of the links that you create and place on your site. So when someone clicks on one of these links, you will get a direct link to your website from the anchor text in the link profile.


However, some people think that you need to buy PBNs and then just place all of those links on your own blog or website. Not so. What you should do instead is to buy PBN links from a directory and then you can place these links on your blog or website, but you also need to put a couple of things in the comments section of your own post. These include the URL to your website or blog, and a couple of lines about why you would use their link in the comment. This will help to attract more visitors to your website from these sources, so it’s a good thing to do if you are serious about making money with guest posts or buying PBNs in the future. After all, it is much easier to make money if you have more people visiting your website.


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