Choosing a Cannabis and Weed Delivery Service

Many cannabis retailers are utilizing marijuana delivery services to reach customers that may otherwise be unavailable or unwilling to make the trip. While most of the market is geared towards younger consumers, the home-bound (seniors or those with disabilities) have become an important target for many dispensaries offering delivery.

Does DHL ship cannabis?

When choosing a cannabis and weed delivery service, look for one that is backed by the necessary regulations in your state to ensure compliance. Also consider the impact on your business operations. Offering delivery services will require additional equipment like vehicles and hardware, employees, and new SOPs. Be sure to create a business plan that includes all costs and potential revenue.

Some larger cannabis delivery companies manage every aspect of their operation, including delivery. These companies may have in-house delivery management software or use a third-party software vendor, such as Onfleet, to optimize routes, dispatch drivers based on availability, and provide predictive ETAs. Learn more :

To place a delivery order, users will usually create an account on the company website or app, browse their product selection, and choose a pickup or deliver option. Some delivery services will offer return or exchange options, but it is important to review the specific company’s policies before making a purchase.

Typically, a customer will show up at their selected pickup location to meet their driver with a government-issued photo ID to receive the products. Most delivery drivers will require cash, but some accept credit or debit cards.

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