Choosing a Countertop Shelf

countertop shelf

A countertop shelf is a freestanding storage solution that holds kitchen or bathroom items right on the counter. They can range from simple two-tiered holders to large multi-shelved systems suspended above counters. They can be fabricated from metal, wood and other materials depending on the type of shelving and the space available. Some, like mug trees and cookbook holders, are designed to maximize their footprints by using up vertical space on countertops, while others, such as Lazy Susans and bread boxes, are intended for a specific type of product and require more horizontal space.

Whether you’re looking to clear out the clutter from your bathroom vanity top or tame a messy kitchen, you can find a wide variety of these shelves in a style to suit any decor. Wooden options are a classic choice, especially when stained or painted to match the color of cabinets and other furniture pieces. Glass and metallic finishes are also popular for a sleek, contemporary look that blends well with modern decor themes.

Maximize Your Countertop Space: Enhancing Your Kitchen with a Countertop Shelf

Many of these shelves are shaped to take up very little space on counters, such as this stacking, freestanding model that can hold cups and other items in a small footprint that can fit neatly next to backsplashes. Other models, such as this expandable riser, offer additional storage space that can grow with your needs. When fully expanded, it can accommodate 30 spice jars or 21 canned goods. It comes with instructions and all the hardware you’ll need to assemble it. It’s an easy and stylish addition to your counters.

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