Email Address Validation API

Keeping your email address validation API list clean reduces bounce rates, inboxing and SPAM filter issues, as well as complications caused by user typos and misspelled emails. This in turn helps your business and organisation maintain its sender reputation, increasing the chances of future emails reaching your subscribers and customers’ inboxes.

The Power of Valid Email Lists: Ensuring Deliverability Through Email Address Validation

Integrate real-time email address validation API into your website, software or application to ensure your email addresses are valid and have a high deliverability score. The email verification API evaluates an address and returns a verdict with detailed data in a real-time JSON response. You can also run a batch lookup and cleanse an entire email list using the client dashboard.

The API is simple to integrate with a few lines of code and has flexible options for customizing the integration process. A free trial is available so you can test the service before deciding to buy the full plan.

To get started, create a new API key in the Settings API keys section of your SendGrid account with Email Address Validation access. This is a unique key which will be used to verify email addresses. Copy your key and store it somewhere safe, as it will not be visible to you in the UI due to security reasons.

ZeroBounce’s powerful email validation API removes spam traps, invalid email addresses, duplicate emails and more from your email lists. It also offers intelligent indicators for the source and filters for disposable and free email providers to improve the quality of your email database. It also provides advanced features like SMTP verification, DNS validation, RFC defined grammar checks and ESP specific local part grammar checking. Its API is easy to use and has SDKs for many popular programming languages including.NET, PHP, Python and Swift.

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