EV Charging Bay Markings

EV Charging Bay Markings are specialist markings used in car parks to signify that a parking space is reserved for electric vehicle drivers and can be charged in that specific area. There are many benefits to these markings, such as increased visibility, reducing the likelihood of non-EV vehicles occupying spaces and helping to ensure compliance with any local regulations that may apply.

The cost of EV parking bay markings will vary depending on the number and size of spaces being marked, and also how intricate your chosen design is. Our team of experts can advise you on the best options for your business, and will provide a bespoke quote for the work to be carried out.

Our expert line marking contractors can work on concrete, asphalt and tarmac surfaces to create EV charging bays. They will work to your detailed specification and use the highest quality hot pour thermoplastic, ArmourLine, which is soft when heated but once cooled solidifies into a durable surface that can withstand high traffic and regular cleaning.

The Importance of Standardized EV Charging Bay Markings for a Greener Future

We can stencil in any required directional or warning lines, as well as painting the EV charging symbol itself. Our team use the latest in stencil striping equipment which allows us to create accurate, clear markings across any sized parking lot.

EV charging spaces are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s essential that they’re clearly marked to make it easier for EV drivers to find them. It can also help prevent other vehicles from occupying spaces that are meant to be reserved for electric vehicles, and encourage more people to switch over to cleaner, greener transportation methods.

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