Eyebrow Microblading Dubai

eyebrow microblading dubai

If you are considering undergoing an eyebrow microblading dubai, you should keep several things in mind before getting one done. Firstly, make sure that the procedure is painless. This cosmetic procedure is very similar to tattooing. With a hand-held pen with tiny microneedles, it deposits pigment into the skin. Secondly, it is ideal for creating natural-looking strokes that look like individual hairs. Lastly, it can also be used as a full reconstruction of the eyebrows.

Make Sure You Choose An Experienced Microblading Artist With A Good Portfolio

In order to create your desired shape, a specialized pen-like device with sterile needles is used to draw the hair strokes into your eyebrow. The practitioner will first apply a topical anesthetic to the treated area. This is followed by the first strokes of the eyebrow pencil to create a pattern and then start delivering pigment until the desired effect is achieved. Microblading in Dubai is a great option for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, or people with missing or thin eyebrows.

The results of Microblading are not permanent and may fade over time. Touch-ups are necessary every year in order to maintain the result. The pigment removal tendency depends on several factors, including the type of skin, amount of sun exposure, and iron deficiency. In addition to this, blonde pigments fade more quickly than dark brunette pigments. The procedure also doesn’t have any downtime. Despite the temporary result, you can still continue using regular cosmetic procedures to keep your eyebrows in good condition.

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