Football News – Is Football Too Dangerous?

Football News

Few things unite America more than the sport of football — it’s the autumn obsession on small-town Friday nights, the ritualistic centerpiece of college-town Saturdays and the communal Sunday religion of a staggering percentage of the country. But in recent years, there have been worries that แทงบอลออนไลน์ could be too dangerous, particularly at grass-roots levels, where children’s brains are still developing.

Matchday Madness: Recap of the Weekend’s Action

There are plenty of reasons for those concerns, including evidence that repetitive head trauma is linked to chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. But there’s another, less discussed factor: wealth. Affluent parents have always been a significant segment of the population that lets kids play tackle football at a much higher rate than those from lower-income backgrounds. But the numbers are now shifting. In 2022, just 7.5 percent of White boys ages 6 to 17 played flag football or tackle football, according to USA Football, the sport’s national governing body. By contrast, Hispanic boys in high school and middle school nearly matched the White rate.

Arsenal host Bayern Munich in their Europa League quarter-final first leg tonight and one Gunners fan account claims Rihanna is planning to attend. But is she a true supporter of the club or just a publicity stunt?

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