Heavy Duty Casters and Their Wheels

Heavy duty casters are very tough and can take a large amount of weight. They are available in various wheel sizes and can withstand heavy loads of up to 150 pounds. These casters wheels heavy duty also have a durable steel-structured body and can withstand extreme weather conditions. They also have a heavy-duty top plate swivel.

Can caster affect handling?

Heavy duty casters have metal wheels and can support thousands of pounds. They are available in different sizes and load ratings, and they are usually made of steel or cast iron. Some heavy-duty casters also have plastic or rubber wheels. The latter do not damage floors and are easier to roll.

Heavy-duty casters are also popular for moving containers. To install them on shipping containers, you will need a special corner fitting bracket. These casters are designed to fit into the ISO Corner Fitting of Cargo Containers. The handle of the caster swings forward to lock in the corner fitting, and backwards to unlock it. The load capacity of heavy-duty casters varies from 2,500 to 20,000 pounds. They can also be equipped with wheel brakes and swivel locks.

The wheels of a caster are critical for a variety of applications. It is important to choose a caster that has the right tread and rubber fitting to prevent the wheel from rolling off the floor. If the treads of the wheels are damaged, they will increase the wear on the casters and cause unnecessary damage to the floor. Damaged treads will also affect the caster’s lubricant solutions and hardware.

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