How to Shop For Womens Gym Clothing

If you’re in the market for new womens gym clothing, there are plenty of options out there. But finding the right ones to meet your needs is important. For example, breathable fabric is key for sweat-friendly workout wear. That’s why you should look for fabrics made from natural fibers, synthetics or blends. And if you’re doing high-intensity workouts, a fitted and stretchy silhouette might be more comfortable than looser styles.

Another consideration is whether the gym clothes you’re wearing have pockets. Aside from preventing any wardrobe malfunctions, this feature can also help you stay focused by keeping your phone and music handy. You can find pockets on leggings and hoodies, for example, or go with a women’s sports bra that holds your phone in place while you move.

Stylish and Strong: The Latest Trends in Women’s Gym Clothing

When it comes to shopping for womens gym clothing, experts recommend looking for pieces that are both functional and fashion-forward. For instance, FP Movement’s leggings and crop tanks have citrus-inspired pops of color and cheeky cutouts that will definitely turn heads (and make you want to hit the gym). But the brand also makes minimalist workout gear, too, like this $30 Happiness Runs Crop Tank with a flattering silhouette that feels as soft as your favorite yoga mat.

Old Navy, Target and Nordstrom are other go-to retailers for affordable workout apparel. But if you’re willing to spend more, try out a few of the cult-favorite brands mentioned by our experts. For instance, Alo Yoga was created in 2007 as a yoga-centric activewear brand, but it now has a dedicated roster of barre and Pilates fans who love its form-fitting and super-soft leggings and sports bras. The high-waisted Live In leggings, for instance, have more than 7,200 rave reviews on Nordstrom’s site and are spotted on the feet of celebs like Kaia Gerber.

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