How to Use a Cold Press Juicer

juicer cold press

Juicer cold press is all the rage, with claims that it helps you lose weight, increase energy, boost immunity and cleanse your system. And while we’re not saying that these aren’t valid benefits of drinking juice, the truth is, making fresh juices takes a bit of work—especially if you want your juice to be truly healthy.

A cold-press juicer uses a slower crushing and pressing process that maximizes nutrient content and limits oxidation. This means that the juice will have richer flavor and vibrant color, as well as a longer shelf life compared to centrifugal juicers.

Chill and Thrill: The Ultimate Guide to Juicing with a Cold Press Juicer

Before you start juicing, it’s important to wash and prep the produce. This includes removing any peels, pits or seeds and cutting larger produce items into smaller pieces that will fit inside the machine. Once you have everything ready to go, feed the ingredients into the machine using the feeding chute or a pusher. Once the produce has been fed into the juicing chamber, the slow rotating auger will crush and grind them against the inner walls of the juicing chamber to extract the juice. This process also helps to minimize oxidation and foaming.

The extracted juice will flow through a screen into the juice container, where it will be separated from the leftover fiber and pulp. The pulp container collects the waste and can be emptied and cleaned after each use. The machine will then automatically turn off and be ready for the next batch of ingredients.

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