Philadelphia Hardwood Floor Refinishers

Philadelphia hardwood floor refinishers work with residential and commercial clients to repair scratches, gouges, faded finishes, deep gouges, water damage, dated beveled edges, gaps between boards that trap food and grime, uneven buckling and cupping, splinters, and more. The process of refinishing is much less expensive than replacing floors, and it can give existing wood flooring a completely new look and feel.

How long do refinished hardwood floors last?

Refinishing is done by sanding the surface layer of wood to remove old, worn and damaged layers. The contractor may then add stain or a clear coat to protect the refinished surface. Refinishing can be done on all types of wood flooring, including solid and engineered hardwoods. It can be performed in homes or businesses, and most contractors use a dust containment system to minimize the amount of dust created during the process.

The refinishing process typically takes three to five days. The contractor will remove all furniture and rugs from the room, sand the entire surface of the floors to create a smooth and even finish, then apply new stain and a clear coat to protect the hardwood. Some companies also offer buff and recoat, which is a quicker and less costly alternative to sanding.

The company was founded in 1988 and offers a full range of services from sanding to staining. Their team of professionals will help you choose the best color for your floors and can provide a free cost estimate. Their technicians are certified by the National Wood Flooring Association and follow strict cleaning and finishing guidelines. They are available for both residential and commercial work, as well as stairwork.

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