Spoton Dog Collar Animal Wellness Review

If you’re looking for a GPS dog collar that can help keep your pet safe and encourage better behavior, the Spoton Dog Collar Animal Wellness is a great option. It has a variety of innovative functions that make it easy to take care of your dog and have more fun together. This smart dog collar also offers the option to connect with other dogs using the same product in your area to help you find them and meet new friends for you and your pet.

How does SpotOn dog collar work?

The creators of this smart collar have dog owners at heart and made this product to foster a stronger bond between pets and their humans. They have experience designing electronics for the US military and understand how to create reliable products that can withstand the elements. The Spoton Dog Collar uses patented True Location technology to track your pet’s location, even in trees and dense forests. It doesn’t require any set-up and is easy to use on your smartphone.

Unlike other GPS tracking devices, the Spoton Dog Collar can communicate with multiple satellites simultaneously. This improves its accuracy and gives you an instant readout of any fence boundary trespassing. It can deliver a tone, vibration, or painless static correction to deter your dog from going past the virtual fence.

One of the best features of this GPS collar is that it can track your pet while indoors, so you don’t have to worry about them escaping through the front door. It also has a forest mode that boosts GPS performance in forested areas, making it easier for you to locate your pet.

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