The Different Types of Whipped Cream Chargers

A whipped cream charger is an electric cartridge or steel cylinder filled with nitrous oxide which is used in a whipped cream charger to whip the cream. The narrow end of such a charger has a broken top-shaped foil cover which is snapped shut to release the nitrous oxide gas. This is normally done by a small sharp needle located inside the whipped cream charger. It is designed to only handle one or two cans at a time, to prevent spilling and also to ensure safety. This charger comes in two types – manual and automatic.

Whipped Cream Charger – A Convenient and Versatile Dispenser

Automatic Whipped Cream Chargers: This type of Whipped Cream charger is easy to use and self-operated. It uses a small hand crank to extend the head of the pump. A strip of paper connected to the side of the nozzle extends the whip from the bottle and is pulled back into the canister. Once this is fully drawn out, the nozzle then slowly pulls the whipped cream into the container. This type of Whipped Cream Charger is safe to use even if nitrous oxide is present as the chemical reaction breaks the nitrous oxide gas molecules into harmless nitrogen gas. It is also safe to use in any room that has air ventilation as no airborne particles are released.

Manual Whipped Cream Chargers: If you wish to purchase a charger that can be used for creating homemade whipped drinks like cream chargers are used for, then you need to search for the model designed for home bartending. These types of chargers can be used for making cocktails without any special preparation. It is an easy-to-use device, which makes it ideal for home bartenders who do not want to spend a lot of time preparing recipes that require complicated syrup or liqueurs. Manual Whipped Cream Chargers can also be used for dispensing cold juices and smoothies and is especially useful for parties where ice is essential.

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