The Importance of an Employee Background Check

employee background check

The employee employee background check check is an essential step for companies looking to hire the best and brightest. During this process, employers are able to uncover critical information on applicants including criminal history (if permitted by law), credit checks, identity verification and professional licensing verifications.

While these are the most commonly used checks for employment purposes, there are other checks that can be conducted to further verify a candidate’s credentials and history. Education verifications, for example, allow employers to ensure that their applicants have reported their educational qualifications honestly and can also help protect companies from negligent hiring lawsuits.

Navigating the Hiring Landscape: The Essentials of Employee Background Checks

In addition, credit checks can give employers a clearer picture of an applicant’s financial responsibility and stability by revealing their credit score. This type of check can be particularly useful for candidates seeking positions that require access to sensitive customer data, or those who will handle company assets such as vehicles and computers.

A final point to note is that in New York City, employers are required to follow the Fair Chance process when making decisions about applicants with criminal records. This requires that they separate the pre-employment background check into two reports and only use one of these if they intend to withdraw an offer of employment. If they decide to do so, they must also provide the applicant with a notice of adverse action that cites the reasons for their decision. This process may be time consuming, but it is critical to ensure that you are complying with the law.

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