The Little Giants Childcare Centre in Killara

little giants Childcare centre in killara

Little Giants Childcare Centre in Killara provides a unique education for kids. Located in Lady Game Road, it is a wonderful learning centre where parents can keep their children while they have fun. Located right next to a beach, it has all the facilities like swimming pool, playground, gymnasium, etc. The whole center is equipped with a swimming pool and gymnasium. A lot of children love to play in water and here they can enjoy swimming and having fun together. All the children are also given an opportunity to learn about nature.

The Little Giants Childcare Centre in Killara

Our main aim is to provide an environment that is safe and happy for kids. We always try to keep a balance between indoor and outdoor activity for the kids. Renovated with an older home, the main purpose of our centre is to educate kids and develop their talents. All the equipment, equipment and toys used in this center are made of recyclable materials. Every piece of furniture and toys used in our centre are made of wood and metal and are environment friendly.

Kids love to play and learn. Our goal is to provide them with all the facilities, activities and equipment that make them learn and grow. All the kids love playing games like pin the ball through hoops and wooden tower etc. Kids can enjoy playing with these and other fun games. Other than learning, kids can also have fun while they are learning.

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