Using a VPN detection API is a great way to keep unwanted traffic from flowing into your network. These tools can identify masked IP addresses and restrict fake account signups.

How can I prevent VPN from being detected?

A VPN is a virtual private network, which changes your online location. Its use is widely adopted in many countries. However, some people abuse this feature by using it for malicious purposes. Some of these users may spoof their IP addresses or use a bogus identity on payment portals.

To detect an active VPN, you can use a free VPN detection API. A more thorough test may involve multiple devices, a router, and a packet capture device. It may also require the use of a tool like Wireshark.

A free VPN detection API will also allow you to detect fraudulent activities and transactions. It will enable you to check for user accounts that have been hacked or that are being used by malicious players. You will also be able to prevent subscriber access to content. This is particularly important if you operate a financial institution.

A full lookup will take about 5 seconds. It may take longer for a more complex test. You should also read the information provided before implementing the tool. You should also be aware that different tools will give you different answers.

This is because not all proxy detection tools are created equal. Some will produce more obvious differences. It is important to choose a service with the best possible features and features that can provide a reliable result.

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