Warrant For Your Arrest in Florida

If you have a warwarrant search florida ant out for your arrest in Florida, you will need to seek legal advice immediately. A qualified criminal defense attorney will assist you in understanding your legal rights and how best to resolve the warrant. There are several possible defense strategies that may be available to you, such as mistaken identity or lack of probable cause.

How do I check if I have a warrant in Florida?

A search warrant is an order from a judge to a law enforcement officer allowing them to search a specific destination or person’s residence in order to find evidence of a crime. The police must follow all state laws when requesting a search warrant. Under the Florida statutes, a judge can only issue a search warrant on the basis of a sworn written statement from an officer that provides sufficient probable cause to believe that criminal activity is occurring in the location or that a suspect has hidden evidence at the destination.

Arrest Warrants

Law enforcement officers in Florida can also request an arrest warrant if they have “probable cause” that you have committed a criminal offense, are in contempt of court, or have failed to appear for a scheduled court hearing. A law enforcement officer can also submit an affidavit to a judge and request a search warrant for a certain location or an individual’s residence.

Fugitive Warrants

A fugitive warrant is a special type of search warrant that is produced when an individual has escaped from the jurisdiction in which they committed a criminal offense and is hiding from justice. Fugitive warrants are usually published on a public website in which the general public can look up information about a wanted person.

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