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Watch assassin with Ben Affleck, Christian Bale, and Jennifer Aniston as two of the hottest stars at the box office this summer. You will defiantly not regret watching this movie. This movie is extremely intense as the plot revolves around an assassination of American President. Ben Affleck plays the role of CIA agent John Lee, who is assigned to take out the president of America during his inauguration. Jennifer Aniston plays the role of a beauty called assassinate beauty pageant winner Lee Childs who falls in love with a mysterious man called Lee. Click Here – this assassin movie on

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You might think that the movie is just about politics, but you would be surprised at how much goes into the acting and directing of this movie. The producers knew from the beginning that they were making a political movie and they even had the part played by George Clooney, which made it more interesting for the audience. Affleck has always been one of the best actors in movies, and I am sure that he did a lot of research on this role. The way that the director handled the film and the acting was outstanding.

Overall, this movie was great. There were moments where I really felt like I was reading a book about history, and other times when it was quite thrilling to watch Affleck and Aniston’s characters take action. Overall, this movie was well worth the time. If you are looking for a great action-packed movie then this is the one to watch.

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