A CBD store is a legal, regulated business that sells Cannabis store and distributes the marijuana extracts. It has been established in each Canadian province and territory, since June 2020. The products are sold by licensed, regulated retailers who purchase directly from wholesalers and vendors, who buy directly from farmers, who in turn receive the product directly from manufacturers and suppliers. CBD stores are allowed to sell both dried flower, and oils, capsules, tinctures and other concentrated forms.

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The store operates on an “owner-producer” model, where the store owner grows and cultivates the cannabis plants themselves, in their homes. Their profits are taken from the sale of the product. The store owner and employees to use all of the products sold by them, in a very environmentally conscious manner, without the need for pesticides, fertilizers and other man-made chemicals. It is a great opportunity for those with valid licenses and have been trained in how to conduct a legal business. The store is licensed by Health Canada and cannot be located within 100m of a public school, child care centre or alcohol outlet. They must be located in private residences.

The store offers a wide variety of supplements for medical marijuana users. The products include but are not limited to: anti-inflammatory medicines, muscle relaxants, pain relievers, appetite suppressants, anti-spasmodic medicines, anti-seizure medicines and anti-cancer medicines. They also sell dietary supplements for individuals who suffer from conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. There is no question about the fact that there is a legitimate CBD store in every Canadian province and territory, which is dedicated to providing quality, safe and effective products to patients, in a responsible manner.

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