What Is a Temporary Workers Agency in France?

In France, a temporary workers agency (TAW) is a company that hires and places temporary workers for short-term assignments. This agency offers flexible work hours, flexible scheduling and competitive rates. It also offers a variety of benefits and services. In France, TAWs are regulated under the Employment and Social Security Act. These regulations require the TAW to report on the number of employees, the length of each assignment, and the compensation level for temporary employees.

How to Choose a Temporary Workers Agency in France?

French TW legislation requires TW agencies to treat their employees the same as permanent employees. These provisions ensure that TWs are paid the same as permanent employees and are entitled to the same benefits and pay. End-of-assignment compensation is a requirement of some temporary Agence d interim batiment. The TAW contract can cover up to 100 temporary employees. The TAW contract can cover a wide variety of services and positions.

A TAW agreement must address the needs of both employers and workers at the company, sectoral, and intersectoral levels. The contract should include details and examples of recent TAW agreements and should address health and safety issues related to temporary work. The TAW must also comply with a number of employment-related laws and regulations, as well as the EU’s general rules. In addition, the TAW contract must be legally binding.

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