What You Need to Know About Early Intervention

Early intervention services are provided to children who are developing in a different manner than others. This is usually due to a physical or mental health issue. The program strives to ensure every child reaches his or her full developmental potential. It can help with special needs such as learning difficulties, low birth weight, or surgery.

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An evaluation is needed to determine if a child qualifies for early intervention. You can ask your child’s physician or other professional to refer you to an agency for an evaluation. Alternatively, you can contact the state’s early intervention program.

After a referral is made, you will be assigned a service coordinator. This person will be the main point of contact and will explain the process of Early Intervention. They will also work with your family throughout the process.

Once you and the service coordinator have developed an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), you and your service coordinator will review your IFSP each year to make sure that the services your child receives are suited to his or her needs. In addition, the IFSP should list when your child will receive the services, who will provide them, and what kind of services they will be receiving.

Your service coordinator will help you decide if you would like to have the services delivered in person, by teletherapy, or in other settings. He or she will also set up appointments for your child to have an evaluation.

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