vagina smells sweet

Your vagina smells sweet because of the good bacteria that live there. These bacteria produce lactic acid, which is tangy or vinegar-like in nature. Read more:

A healthy vagina has a healthy pH balance, which means it isn’t too acidic or too alkaline and keeps pathogenic bacteria away. So if you’re experiencing a slightly tangy or vinegar-like odor, it’s normal and shouldn’t cause you any concern, says Dr. Madhulika Sinha, Senior Consultant, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Aakash Healthcare, Dwarka.

Some tangy odors are also a sign that your vagina has good bacterial flora, according to Dr. Minkin. She says this is a common occurrence for women who are in their menstrual cycle and have high levels of the good bacteria called lactobacilli.

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Sometimes, this tangy odour is a result of semen. Semen is a type of menstrual fluid that has a higher pH than your vagina, so it can change the scent.

Sweaty: This is a normal occurrence that comes from your body’s natural response to temperature changes, including a rise in local blood circulation. This can happen when you’re exercising, sitting in sweaty clothes or even if you’re having a mild emotional stressor like anger or anxiety.

If you’re sweaty, it’s a good idea to keep a cool, dry towel around you while you’re trying to relax. This will help your sweat to evaporate faster and lessen the amount of odor it can linger on your skin.

If your vagina smells rotten or ‘fishy,’ it could be a symptom of trichomoniasis (an infection that causes a bacterial discharge), which should be addressed by a doctor. It’s also worth checking with your doctor if you notice other symptoms along with the rotten odor, such as itching, burning, or white discharge, says the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

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